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Our Staff

Mrs. Marcia Blake-Davey, Owner/Director

B.A. Marketing, SUNY Old Westbury
MsEd Literacy, Lehman College
MsEd Early Childhood Education, Lehman College

Hobbies: Reading, Gardening
Interests: Traveling, Active church member serving on various committees

Why I Admire Rainbow Rhymes: It is not a cliché when someone says, “you need to have boundless patience and love to work with children daily.” That statement describes the staff at Rainbow Rhymes. They are totally dedicated, in every aspect, to each child within the school.
As often as I witnessed the growth and development of each child throughout the years, I am always fascinated with the unique qualities of each and how she/he will at some point make a tremendous impact on society.

Favorite Quote: “The child must know that he/she is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world, there will not be another child like him/ her.” Pablo Casals

Ms. Nicola Butisingh, Nursery Teacher

Evander Childs High school

Hobbies: I Love and enjoy playing volleyball.
Interests: I’m mostly interested in decorating my house, it’s something that keeps me occupied year round. Child Development is also an area of interest for me.

Why I Admire Rainbow Rhymes: I admire the different things the children do and say. They are unpredictable, fun and entertaining. I admire how they grasp the days lesson and apply it to their daily interactions with our staff and their peers.

Ms. Krystle Samaroo, Lead Teacher

Hostos Lincoln Academy of Science

Hobbies: Listening to music and drawing.
Interests: Learning about different cultures, listening to new music from all over the world.

Why I Admire Rainbow Rhymes: I admire the children that attend RRLC. The come into school everyday happy, ready, and willing to learn. They truly are bundles for joy. They inspire me to be a better educator and person for them and myself.

Ms. Simone, Assistant Teacher

Hobbies: I truly enjoy traveling, cooking and hosting parties. Interests: I love learning and listening to cultural music as well as furthering my schooling in special education and early child development.

Why I Admire Rainbow Rhymes: After nine years of working with children I have had many great experiences.  Being here I have become so connected with the small and loving community of the Rainbow Rhymes teachers and parents. Each day I am here I become excited for the great experiences of the children’s future.

Ms. M, UPK Lead Teacher

Hobbies: I treat myself to the movie theaters very often and working out at the gym to my favorite music.
Interests: I enjoy reading autobiographies, listening to classical music and going out to eat.

Why I Admire Rainbow Rhymes: I admire the children here at Rainbow Rhymes. They have inspired me greatly as well as taught me some innovative ways to create and deliver lessons to them. The children are so engaging and excited to learn which makes this entire experience worth it all.

Ms. Tee, UPK Assistant Teacher

Hobbies: Cooking is not really my thing but if eating was a hobby it would be on the top of me list. Shopping is a hobby of mine and I use it as my personal therapy.
Interests: I love traveling but I don’t have as much free time as I used to, so I spend more time reading about it.  I am spellbound by the study of history and human behavior.

Why I Admire Rainbow Rhymes: I admire Rainbow Rhymes for the great work and improvements that our children unearth each day but more importantly how working here has encouraged me to strive for the greatness that I deserve.

Ms. Verleese Mulraine, Assistant Teacher

Transit Tech High School

Hobbies: Writing poetry, long walks, shopping, and keeping myself busy.

Interests: Traveling and Music

Favorite Quote “only I can change my life, no one can do it for me.” Carol Burnett

Why I Admire Rainbow Rhymes: Coming in to RRLC I thought it was like any regular school. As time went on I realized that our teachers and staff focus on more than numbers and letters. Here the youth learn good manners, what’s right and, what’s wrong. The morals we set at RRLC helps the children strengthen their communication skills. It is a blessing to see our kids progress and as a parent knowing that your child is learning in a safe, organized and attentive space is worth it all.

Ms. Yohanny Arias, Teacher’s Aide


Hobbies: I enjoy watching television, especially Spanish soap operas. I also like to go shopping.

Interests: I have been working in education for seven years now. My current job description is to take care of children, clean play, activity and food areas, and assist the teacher’s with anything that they may need involving the children.

Why I Admire Rainbow Rhymes: I like working with the children. I also like my supervisor and co-workers as they make it enjoyable to come to work. In addition, I really enjoy learning new things from the children everyday.