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Our Staff

Mrs. Marcia Blake-Davey, Owner/Director

B.A. Marketing, SUNY Old Westbury
MsEd Literacy, Lehman College
MsEd Early Childhood Education, Lehman College

Hobbies: Reading, Gardening
Interests: Traveling, Active church member serving on various committees

Why I Admire Rainbow Rhymes: It is not a cliché when someone says, “you need to have boundless patience and love to work with children daily.” That statement describes the staff at Rainbow Rhymes. They are totally dedicated, in every aspect, to each child within the school.
As often as I witnessed the growth and development of each child throughout the years, I am always fascinated with the unique qualities of each and how she/he will at some point make a tremendous impact on society.

Favorite Quote: “The child must know that he/she is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world, there will not be another child like him/ her.” Pablo Casals

Ms. Nicola Butisingh, Nursery Teacher

Evander Childs High school

Hobbies: I Love and enjoy playing volleyball.
Interests: I’m mostly interested in decorating my house, it’s something that keeps me occupied year round. Child Development is also an area of interest for me.

Why I Admire Rainbow Rhymes: I admire the different things the children do and say. They are unpredictable, fun and entertaining. I admire how they grasp the days lesson and apply it to their daily interactions with our staff and their peers.

Ms. T. Greene – Teacher

Ms. R. Appleton – Assistant Teacher

Ms. S. Soto – Teacher

Ms. D. Holley – Assistant Teacher

Ms. A. Woodburn – Administrator